Income Tax Pay & File 2017 – What do I need to do and when?

If you are within the self-assessment system, by 31 October 2017 (or by the extended deadline date, 14 November 2017, if you use Revenue’s Online Service (ROS)) you must:

  1. Send a completed income tax return form for 2016 to Revenue.
  2. Pay the balance of tax, PRSI, and USC due for 2016.
  3. Make a downpayment of tax, PRSI and USC in relation to 2017 (i.e. pay preliminary tax).

To avail of the extended deadline both the return and payment must be made online.

Revenue require some categories of taxpayers to pay and file online this year. You may have received correspondence from Revenue on this matter.

It is important to prepare early for pay and file as calculation of income tax has become increasingly complex.

Do I need to file a tax return?

In the main, if you are in receipt of income from sources which are not chargeable to tax under the PAYE system you may be required to file a tax return.

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