Are you an employee?

Did you know that over the weekend, all employers in the country were required to submit their annual return of employee wages and salaries to Revenue? As a result, all employees should receive their P60 from their employer in the coming weeks.

This is the perfect time of the year to review your P60 to see if you have paid the appropriate amount of tax. In many cases, employees are not claiming all that they are entitled to and may be due a refund of tax. You can review the previous four years, back to 2011.

Below are examples of some of the reasons you may be entitled to a refund. This list is not exhaustive.

  • Did you have any medical expenses in the past four years, such as doctor, hospital, prescription, physio or non routine dental?
  • Were you renting on or before 07/12/2010?
  • Did you pay tuition fees in the past four years
  • Are you a single parent
  • Are you working part time? Do you have two employers?
  • Did you pay bin charges in 2011
  • Did you marry since 2011? Did you request a year of marriage review?
  • Are you in a marriage or civil partnership where one spouse or civil partner is the Home Carer and cares for one/more dependent persons?

 Did you know that Revenue have a free online facility called PAYE anytime that allows you access to your records for the last four years. If you know how taxation works and are comfortable in reviewing your own records, you should click on the link and log on to PAYE Anytime

 Alternatively, please contact our office by emailing for a free initial consultation.